First Impressions

My first impressions of Grim Soul are pretty good. I like the Character Builder and the initial skill and equipment you get. Once I loaded into the game I already like the set up better than Last Day on Earth. I like the fog around the map rather than the green zone. I also like that you can switch between your inventory and the crafting system. There isn’t much of a tutorial but there is something at least, which again is better than Last Day on Earth. Having only that one game to compare it to I would say that my first impressions are better with this game even though they are from the same developer and I think that this game was developed first. So I don’t know why they would not implement the same system and just make it better on the latter game but I could be mistaken.

I enjoy this genre of games so far. Having the first two I play be from the same developer kind of tilts my opinion but I think they should have given some kind of backstory in the beginning of the games rather than just throwing you into the action and saying good luck. There is a lot of freedom and i enjoy being able to craft weapond and equipment but in the beginning it doesn’t seem like there is a point to the game rather than killing time…and maybe there isn’t. It also seems like it will take a LOT of time to actually progress through the game…and again that may be the point…but how much time do you have to invest in these games to actually feel like you are progressing?

Initial Gameplay

I’ll say again that I like the way the map is set up in Grim Soul better than Last Day on Earth. The fog gives you the impression that there is a fog of war and it matches up with your initial uncertainty about the game and the objectives. There is a slight tutorial telling you how to move, fight and scavenge but that is all you get. You start out with some basic equipment which helps you to get your base started…but there is no real explanation of what materials are and what they are used for. I like that you can switch between your inventory and the crafting system which makes building and seeing what materials you have and need very easy.

The graphics are well done and I like the map a LOT. It’s very creative and looks really cool. Once you first open the map you are told there is a Murder of Crows circling an area of the map and when you get there you find a lot of things to scavenge. There are SO many things to search there is no way you can carry everything and you aren’t given any information about the items you can scavenge and what will be beneficial or not so I just kept everything I thought would be useful and took it back to my home base.

Just as I am leaving I realize why there is so much you can take but not carry…they want you to buy a “spacious backpack” so you can carry more. I really dislike it when games try to get you like that. It’s unnecessary. If you make a good game that people will enjoy and want to play they will spend money on things in the game. You don’t have to try to trick people into purchasing items like that…just sayin!

One thing I really don’t like about this genre so far is the travelling system. I don’t like that you have to use SO much energy to get around or that they want you to pay for extra energy to get where you want to go and back so you don’t lose out on the items you left behind or you just have to wait for LONG periods of time to walk there and miss out on events that you can’t get to and from multiple times or at all cause they are so far away. At least in Last Day on Earth you can watch ads but even then you have to watch ad after ad after ad just to get around. It’s just way too frustrating when you enjoy a game but get taken to play it.