Where did this vehement hate for America come from? When did people decide that it is more important to identify as a citizen of another country before American? And why is it only certain groups of people that conform to this kind of identification? African-American, Mexican-American & Muslim-American are the most prevasive and honestly the only ones I have heard of. I don’t identify as an Italian-American, Irish-American or English-American. I can hear the Liberal Left already saying that it is because I am white and these nationalities are white and we are a privilaged class that doesn’t need to identify that way. It’s utter nonesense. If we want to get into that the only people that really have a legitimate claim to identify as anything before American is the Native Americans but I don’t hear anyone identify as a Cherokee-American, Apache-American or Iroquois-American.

The native tribes may only identify as their tribal heritage but they don’t hyphonate as far as I know. And let’s be real…anyone that identifies as a Mexican-American is just a fraud. They claim to hate America so much because we defeated them in wars and claimed land for ourselves but don’t have the same hate for the Spaniards that did the exact same thing to their native tribes. Do they identify as an Aztec-Mexican, Mayan-Mexican or Zapotec-Mexican? Of course not, because it’s a fraud. It is a conspiracy to divide and concur America. 

People who identify as African-American have some kind of legitimate greivance in order to identify first as an African but even how many of those people can actually trace their lineage to actual slaves? And if they are so pissed off and hate being an American so bad why not go back to their homeland and just identify as an African? The truth of the matter is that most of them don’t want to leave America because it is a great country to be a citizen of. The bottom line is that anyone that encourages you to identify as anything before an American is attempting to convince you to hate America and do anything you can to destroy it from within. The people that use this language the most are the very kind of white people that enslaved and declared war on your ancestors in the first place. The Democrat Party are the KKK, are the Globalists, are the Colonials that you claim to hate. You have the entire internet of information at your fingertips. Your ignorance and racism is a choice not an informed decision.