First Impressions

Mini DayZ is a 2D Pixel Art game for Mobile devices. Once the game loads you are put right into a tutorial mission that helps you learn the basics of the game. You scavenge for weapons, gear and items to survive. Your body temperature drops, you get hungry and thirsty and even bleed when you take damage. There is a cool feature where when you are bleeding and don’t have any bandages to apply you can tear your shirt into bandages at the risk of losing more heat. At the end of the tutorial you have to repair a boat to get off of the island you start on and once you do some other survivors com out of the trees and jack you. Pretty messed up but a cool way to transition from the tutorial into the game where you start over with nothing.

I started a new game on Novice just to get a feel for the game and see how difficult it is to survive…and I died in 4 minutes…lol. I was able to find some food and drinks but before I knew it I was being chased by 2 Zombies that saw me from offscreen before I even knew they were around. I thought I could fight them off and they just destroyed me. Ok…well played Mini DayZ…let’s go again.

Started a new game…died in 10 minutes! This is on the Novice setting too. This time I decided to run from Zombies…which are relentless…I was able to find a crowbar and mostly avoid Zombies but then encountered one that was way faster than me and ran me right into two more Zombies…and well…that was that. My first impression of this game is WAY TOO HARD! Lmao! Even with a crowbar it took me till my life was almost gone before evene one of the Zombies I was fighting was dead and the other one finished me off in no time flat. Also, the thirst and hunger bars drain way too fast. By the time I was done running from the few Zombies I was able to avoid I had already run out of all of the food and drink I was able to gather and couldn’t regain health after a Zombie fight before that fast bastard started chasing me.

I like the idea of the game and honestly think I will try to develop something similar but this game is just way too hard. I can’t even build up some items before I am completely surrounded by Zombies that can see me and start chasing me before they are even on screen and are almost impossible to lose once they are on me. Also, the tutorial doesn’t tell you that when you chance clothes the items in your pockets are dropped with them. I lost some good items that were in my pockets in something I dropped and I couldn’t get back to it because of the Infected chasing me around the map…lol! I really like survival games and don’t mind them being hard but this seems impossible so far. The Infected should either be easier to kill or you should have much more life and the ability to regain health easily. Also, you should be able to carry multiples of the same item in your slots. I was eating and drinking things that I really didn’t need to just to not leave stuff behind.

I’ll give this game a few more goes and see if I can actually survive more than 10 minutes and actually be able to give a full review of it. But, honestly, if I just keep dying like this I’m just gonna delete the game and move on…hahaha!