First Impressions

Last Day on Earth is the first game in this Survival genre that I’ve played. My first impression of the game overall is good. The graphics are simple but well done. The trees and grass flow in the wind, the truck and house that are in the game by default look good and the environment doesn’t look cheap or too low quality. The controls are easy to use and feel natural. My only criticism right off the bat is that there is no tutorial about how to play and do the things that are initially essential for survival. I had to figure out that you can sneak up on the zombies and inflict some critical damage to not lose as much life or equipment quality in the battles. I also had to figure out how to make a weapon rather than fight the zombies with my bare hands and ultimately die…lol. One of the zombies caught me while trying to pick the lock on the truck and damaged me pretty good right away while i was scrambling to figure out how to get a weapon, ending up just throat punching him till he died. 

I like the mini map on the game as well. It is a good representation of the surrounding environment, save for the fact that the random resources that you can just pick up off the ground are not represented at all. Once I started gathering resources and feeling out the game I started to die from thirst and starvation. I ate and drank what I could find but after a while my hunger got so severe that I ended up dying. This is another point where a tutorial would have been nice. The game should have really walked the player through how to fight, collect resources, craft & build and let you know the importance of doing these things right away to avoid dying. I get that this is a survival game, but the high level of survival is something that should be explained to avoid the initial frustration of taking a lot of damage and ultimately fighting when there isn’t much given in the beginning to stay alive.

Initial Gameplay

So…after I died withing the first 30 minutes of playing I figured out how to hunt, build and cook food. Then I noticed there was a NPC on the map. I walked over to him and he (Jack) told me that he was being attacked and to follow him. When I ran after him off the map the games Global Map loaded and I was informed of a couple events that were happening. One was a plane crash and the other was Jack’s event. After figuring out how to navigate the map, find out where the events actually were and that I had to actually click on them to see the event name I saw that the Crashed Plane event had a lot less time so decided to take that on. I click on the walk button to not expend the Energy and saw that it was going to take 35 minutes to have my player walk there…screw that…I ran…which took 40 of my 100 Energy.

When the scene loads it looks AWESOME! I start opening up the luggage and getting Items that look cool and possibly useful…but after opening the first three I realize that there’s no way I’ll be able to carry everything that I am finding. I find a key card, some bandages, some canned beans, a cell phone…etc…but have no idea what is actually useful besides the food and bandages…and I assume the key card. I think to myself…man a tutorial of some kind to tell me what is useful would be really helpful right now…lol…I know I am all about the tut and I know that some people hate them but I think they are useful and just help a player get used to your game and know what they should be doing and what their immediate and short term goals are so they can prioritize their efforts.

My next thought is that I can take what I think will be immediately useful…run home…offload…and come back…so I decide to just gather what I can and go back to the Global Map. After opening a few of the many sets of luggage I find SO much good stuff that I really struggle with what to keep and what to leave. It takes me a while to just take water and “valuables” in case I can trade them somehow rather that the food and med kits/bandages that I will more than likely need to survive shortly. I run off the map with a Zombie chasing me and a popup comes on the screen trying to get me to buy some Military Pack…really…I’ve just started playing and you’re already trying to get me to buy something? I refuse after realizing that the Zombie is still moving toward me. He attacks me a couple times before I realize that I have to run back into the game zone and exit the scene again…come on man! Once I get back to the Global Map a new Event comes up about some humanitarian aid. Crap! What do I do now…lol? I run back to my Home and expend another 40 energy so I can offload and get back to gathering. 

I put what I can in the trunk and try to put the rest in my Small Box and realize I don’t have enough space. After crafting and placing a new Small Box and putting the rest of my Items in it i have the Hunger and Thirst Icons over my head again. Having learned my lesson I take care of those needs…and by the way…there should definitely be some bars under the health bar to show where your hunger and thirst are at in game so you don’t have to go into the Inventory to find it, which was hidden behind my level up button where I couldn’t find it and over ate and drank.

After taking care of all this I finally step over my dead body and get back to the Global Map. Now I have to make a choice…do I go back to the crash site or go to the Airdrop? The Airdrop is expiring first so I want to go there but the time is too short to walk and I don’t have enough Energy to run. So much for the Airdrop…I look at the Crashed Plane and realize I barely have enough time to walk there so I press the button as quick as I can and am on my way…in 35 minutes…guess I’m done playing this game for a while…

…30 Minutes Later

Que Jeopardy Music…wow…just made it in time…I kept checking the game to make sure I didn’t miss the event…question…what is that red skull that is headed toward my Home…that doesn’t look good? Gotta be honest…it kinda sucks having to wait so long to continue to play a new game. Last Day on Earth looks like it could be fun but I don’t know if I will have the patience to find out if I have to wait like this to do events and gather resources because I don’t want to have to pay to refill my energy all the time. Anyway…let’s continue…

So I get back to the Crashed Plane, fight a few Zombies and again am left with a difficult choice as to what I gather and bring Home…especially since I know the event will be over and I won’t be able to come back…and have no idea when or if another Crashed Plane event will happen…though I assume it will eventually. I prioritize food, water and health items and make another 30 minute walk back Home…this walking crap SUCKS!!!

…Another 30 Minutes Later

Got another criticism real quick…why can’t you tap on anything on the Global Map to get information about the buildings that I assume you can travel to…it’s not like you don’t have the time to kill…just sayin! Anyway…Home again. Now that I have leveled up to Level 2 I can craft a backpack i see…that would have been helpful at the Crashed Plane…oh well. I store all of my goodies and gather all of the resources around my house. Next I gear up and get ready to go to Jack’s and see what that Event is all about.

After a 10 minute walk I get to Jack’s house and he tells me to help him kill the Zombies…we kill a bunch of them…then I cover him while he repairs his house. Everything is going well and then he says there are more coming. I try to battle some and they just walk through his walls and totally destroy them…after all that work to rebuild…poor guy…lol. I try to fight them off but they just trample through the house and map and are gone. I go back to the house to talk to Jack and he is nowhere to be found. I take it this is a way for the game to tell me to rebuild the broken walls at my house so I go back Home and rebuild.

Next on the agenda is to start upgrading everything so I’ll be gathering resources to build up my Home and level up a bit. Overall I think this game will be fun. There are definitely areas that should have been improved and explained…and this walking crap is ridiculous…but for a casual survival game it seems to be a good game. I’m not gonna keep giving you a play by play on my failings as I try to figure out how to play it but I will write a couple updates on my final thoughts about Last Day on Earth.

Two Weeks In…

So I have been playing this game casually for a couple weeks now and honestly haven’t made much progress. I have leveled up to * but that’s pretty much it. I checked out Bunker Alpha, which is a Red marker for good reason. I got the code from my radio and acquired a Key Card from a zombie in the Pine Bushes but once I got down to the second level things got real and I died pretty easily. I tried to go back and get my gear off my corpse but ended up dying again and just abandoning all my best gear…which SUCKED! Hopefully I can go back before the time runs out and retreive it.

On a side note the Unknown Box that you can open for watching a video in the store is a JOKE! You have to watch a video and it gives you hope that you will get something useful but so far EVERY time I have gotten the least valuable thing and I don’t even do them any more. Why should I give you revenue and receive nothing but junk for my time!? I also hate that you only get 15 energy for watching a video. Whenever I need to use it I usually have to watch 2-3 videos to get where I want to go. I’m beginning to feel like these games are just a means to get ad revenue for the developers…which is cool if I actually get something good or a sufficient amount of energy for it…but I don’t. I am just gonna have to build one of these games and show them what’s up!

Another thing that kinda bothers me is the fighting system. Rather than focusing on the closest enemy it should focus on the enemy with the least amount of health so you don’t almost kill one enemy just to have them keep attacking you while you have to attack a different enemy with full health. It’s kinda lame and only leads to death if you have more than 2 enemies attacking you. Overall I am getting more frustrated than entertained with Last Day on Earth. It could be really fun but I think the developer’s desire to pull in ad revenue had driven them to create something that will drive players away rather than draw them in.

Oh one more thing that happened today…I was gathering resources from Limestone Ridge and found a half buried car. After opening the hood I was able to pull the engine block out. I took the time to walk it out of the scene with a zombie attacking me half of the way just to find out that I need the Chopper…which I haven’t been able to find a gas tank, handlebars, one wheel or most of the engine parts for yet…in order to get it back to my Home…so LAME! It’s easy to add to the code that IF the player DOESN’T have a Chopper THEN don’t propogate this asset! COME ON!!!

I almost forgot…another thing that really bothers me is this Horde and how they just tear down your Home. Especially after you have invested all the time and resources into upgrading your walls just to have them trample through them as if they’re not even there. I get having them trample through the first level walls but after you upgrade them they should at least keep the Horde from breaking them down…I mean seariously!? I get it if Raiders came through and chopped the walls down with an Axe or something but COME ON!!! It takes SO many resources to upgrade those dang walls!!!